We now offer digital downloads of various publications these are in the form of PDF files that you can download and save to your computer to view at your convenience. We will send you the 'link' provided after payment so you can download the pdf files to be saved for future viewing.

If the link fails, please email - website@dhrs.org and we will email you the file, for the DHR Time Tables we will email you the link ASAP after order.

PLEASE NOTE that you need to download these files to a PC type computer, NOT a phone or small tablet, due to size and where to store the files.

There are a number of sub-pages as per the links shown above, each containing links to groups of publications. At the moment only recent issues of the Darjeeling Mail are available, more will be added soon. For a full list of all the copies of the Darjeeling Mail, please look on our main website page - https://www.dhrs.org/page15.html
The size of these pdf files vary from about 5Mb each to 40Mb depending on the content, as many colour pictures increase file size. When viewing pdf images, one can increase the viewing size to view more detail and print images as required.
Click on the issues you would like and add to the shopping cart, when finished go through payment and you will receive an extra email with a link to the issues you have bought. The link is only available for 3 days but once you have downloaded the pdf file, it is yours to keep and read.

For a large numbers of the digital Darjeeling Mails, please email sales@dhrs.org with your requirement and the files could be supplied on a DVD/USB stick for a reduced rate. 

If you have problems with the downloads, please email the webmaster at website@dhrs.org