Special price Christmas Cards for DHRS Members

Membership special prices for you this year, order the number of packs of each card as required and
the Total Postage for ANY quantity or mix is £1 UK, £3 EU, £7 rest of the world.
Please pay for the postage by clicking on "Special Order" near the bottom of the Navigation bar and entering the postage there

£2.50 per pack for "Darjeeling in Snow" or "Santa at Kurseong" cards

£2.00 per pack for the "Mussoorie Window" card.

Darjeeling in the Snow

Darjeeling in the Snow - 1 Pack of 5 cards

“Snow in Darjeeling”

Kurseong With Santa

Kurseong with Santa - 1 Pack of 5 cards

“Santa adds another layer at Kurseong”

Mussoorie Xmas card

Mussoorie Christmas card, from India

1 pack of 5 cards