A Glimpse of Indian Railways, 1975

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Published by The Transport Treasury

An album of Indian Steam in 1975

Published by The Transport Treasury

Here we have an album of Indian Steam in 1975, with very good colour reproduction. It covers a TEFS railtour, starting in Bombay and working its way through Gujurat to Baroda. Delhi appears next, followed by Calcutta, and the final 13 pictures were taken on the DHR, where it is very pleasant to see four-coach trains (plus a van!)

There is a preponderance of roster shots on shed, but it is pleasing to see a fair number of shots out in the countryside as well as at stations. Not a lot of freight, though. The book should appeal to anyone who know India in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. £17.50 is a fair price in today's high-inflation environment

80pp, 245x192mm landscape, hardback,

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