New Products

Assam Mail

Assam Mail by Sanjoy Mookerjee

Chiltern Railways

Where it all began by Adrian Shooter

A Life in Engineering and Railways

A Life in Engineering and Railways by Adrian Shooter

Black Beauties

Rail Enthusiasts’ Society, India (RES) has just launched its first publication - Black Beauties by Vikas Singh

Up the Line to Darjeeling

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling in detail

The Incredible 'B' Class

At last, the definitive story of Darjeeling's 'B' Class Locomotive

Train to Darjeeling

Train to Darjeeling by Sanjoy Mookerjee
Now out of stock until next year  

The Groundnut Line

The Groundnut Line by David Burton

Whispers Across Continents

Whispers Across Continents: In Search of the Robinsons

The Train Book

Darjeeling's Wonderful Railway

This long-awaited publication is the first dedicated tourist guide to the DHR in a considerable number of years.

The Story of 19B

The only DHR 'B' Class ever to leave India


BACK ON TRACK – Restoring Darjeeling's Railway