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 A driver’s eye view – from NJP to Tindharia

We have good news at last!! Following the recent filming at the lower end of the line, Part 1 of the Driver’s eye view, from New Jalpaiguri to Tindharia will soon be in post production with the expectation that this will be published by the end of April. This will follow the same format and high quality as the highly-acclaimed ‘Part 2’ which covered Tindharia to Darjeeling. Part one will be over two hours long to show virtually the whole route. It is based on the Darjeeling Tours’ charters mainly filmed (pre-Covid) in 2020 with a diesel charter from New Jalpaiguri to Siliguri Junction, and a steam charter from there to Tindharia.

As with Part 2, the DVD has been produced by Peter Middleton of Video 125 with the same Indian support crew. This Driver’s eye view is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in the DHR..

Prices have been maintained at the same level as for Part 2.
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For those without a disc player, you can still experience this unique railway by obtaining a video download from video125.com