The Groundnut Line

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The Groundnut Line by David Burton

Despite Britain’s totally desperate economic situation after the Second World War, John Strachey, Minister of Food in the newly elected Labour government of 1947 under Clement Atlee, backed a scheme to grow Groundnuts in a sparsely-populated area of Tanganyika! His aim was to help alleviate a world shortage of vegetable oils but it was destined to be a catastrophic failure which was to cost Britain, even at immediate post-war value, millions of pounds it could not afford!

This is the history of a railway from nowhere to nowhere and the documentation of a British Government’s incomprehensible incompetence on a scale hard to believe! The author, having worked in Africa for a number of years, knows the area. This book is the result of a lifetime of collecting articles and information on a railway those involved hoped history would forget.

Designed and illustrated by David Charlesworth. 240 x 170mm, 48pp softback.

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