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Open Access - the one that got away
by Richard Harper and Gorgon Rushton

Inside is the tale of Wrexham & Shropshire told by those who were involved in it at the time. This is a living history book, and you will find the inside story of how this service, with proper dining for its first class customers, and the highest quality of service of any regular British timetabled train, opened for business. There’s information fascinating to professional and enthusiast alike, to take you through all the stages in the life of Wrexham & Shropshire, from setting up the service, the loss of the Class 170s, the search for alternative rolling stock, deciding upon Class 67s, dealing with the bureaucrats, and battling with competitors. It describes the successes and failures of Wrexham & Shropshire, eventually relating how and why the service ceased, and what its assets were used for.

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