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DHRS Photo Archive

A photographic archive of locomotives and trains, also the people and places, mostly from the Indian Subcontinent that the DHRS has collected from numerous authors and stored with their permission for us all to enjoy.

The images in the following subdirectories are low resolution copies of the hi-res scans we have in the archive (Images have been scanned from the original slide/negative in ‘tif’ format, typically 10 to 45 Mb per image).
We have something like 40,000 images which have taken many months/years to scan, taking over 2 TB of storage.

We are slowly adding authors and albums to this site, so you need to keep on looking out for the changes.

Each ‘album’ opens in a new ‘window’ unfortunately there is no back to menu link, so you need to close the image window or click on the previous window to get to the menu page.

Please be aware that the copyright in these images in most cases still belongs to the photographer, and, for any use except personal viewing, you will need the permission of the copyright owner.  If you wish to use any of these images, please email your requirements, quoting the author, the album title and the image number to photoarchive@dhrs.org, and we will liaise with the copyright owner to let you know what fee, if any, they require.

Most of the images are raw scans – we do not have the resource to give each image the individual attention it deserves. Some images have been automatically corrected by Photoshop, but most will require further individual attention before they are fit for reproduction.  As you will be aware, colour negatives and transparencies do deteriorate over time, and getting these initial scans done as early as possible does, at least, arrest any further deterioration.

There is an index (of sorts) in Excel format on each photographer’s home page.  In many cases these have been compiled by DHRS people, and, much as we love India, we cannot recognise every location.  We will welcome amendments to these indices – please download the spreadsheet, make amendments IN RED and send it to photoarchive@dhrs.org

We will welcome any additions to our archive: our usual agreement is that the DHRS can use the images in its own publications (like the Darjeeling Mail), and all other rights remain with the photographer in their lifetime, thereafter passing to the DHRS. However, we are always open to individual discussion.

Above all, we hope you enjoy looking at these images

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