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Peter (Fuzz) Jordan

Fuzz has visited India 30+ times, here are copies of slides he has taken
from 1979 to 2015.

They are split into albums for each year, sometimes two or three visits that year,
then the albums are split into parts due the number of slides taken on each visit.

Download and save the slide index in Excel format

Album 1  Dec 1979          Part 1A   Part 1B   Part 1C                 IS7912 (00)
             Grand Tour

Album 2  April 1981         Part 2A    Part 2B                             IS8103 (01)
             Bombay, Murtajapur, Nagpur, Gwalior, Fatuha, Delhi, Calcutta, Darjeeling

Album 3  December 1983  Part 3A   Part 3B   Part 3C                 IS8312 (02,03)
             Bombay, Baroda, Delhi, Amritsar, Gwalior, Goa, Ooty, Madras, Bombay

Album 4  December 1985  Part 4A   Part 4B                              IS8512 (04)
             Bombay, Goa, Guntakal, Hyderabad, Delhi, Baroda, Bombay

Album 5  December 1986  Part 5A   Part 5B                              IS8612 (05)
             Delhi, Moradabad, Lucknow, Nepal, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Agra

Album 6  January 1988     Part 6A   Part 6B   Part 6C   Part 6D    IS8801 (06,07)
             Delhi, Bareilly, Agra, Udaipur, Dabhoi, Bombay, Bhopal, Gwalior

Album 7  November 1989  Part 7A                                            IS8911 (075)
            Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Bombay, Delhi

Album 8  April 1995          Part 8A                                            IS9504 (08)
            Delhi, Darjeeling

Album 9  February 1999     Part 9A   Part 9B   Part 9C                 IS9902 (09)
             Delhi, Lucknow, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Agra, Delhi

Album 10 February 2000    Part 10A  Part 10B  Part 10C              IS0002 (10)
              Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Darjeeling, Delhi

Album 11 February 2001     Part 11A  Part 11B  Part 11C             IS0102 (11,12)
              Bombay, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi, Agra

Album 12 December 2001   Part 12A  Part 12B  Part 12C             IS0112 (13,14)
             Delhi, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Agra

Album 13 February 2002     Part 13A  Part 13B  Part 13C             IS0202 (15,16)
              Delhi, Simla, Agra, Darjeeling, Calcutta

Album 14 February 2003     Part 14A  Part 14B  Part 14C             IS0302 (17)
              Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi, Simla, (Agra)

Album 15 October 2003      Part 15A  Part 15B  Part 15C             IS0310 (18,19)
              Delhi, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam

Album 16 February 2004    Part 16A  Part 16B  Part 16C              IS0402 (20)
              Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi. Jaipur, Agra

Album 17 November 2004  Part 17A  Part 17B  Part 17C              IS0411 (21.22)
              Calcutta, Tipong, Darjeeling. Nepal, Delhi

Album 18 February 2005    Part 18A  Part 18B  Part 18C              IS0502 (23,24)
              Delhi, Agra, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Bombay / Delhi, Darjeeling, Delhi

Album 19 November 2005  Part 19A  Part 19B                            IS0211 (25)
              Calcutta, Tipong, Darjeeling, Calcutta

Album 20 January 2006      Part 20A  Part 20B  Part 20C              IS0601 (26)
              Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Ooty, Mysore, Mumbai

Album 21 March 2006         Part 21A  Part 21B                           IS0603 (27)
             Mumbai, Ooty, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Shimla

Album 22 November 2006   Part 22A                                         IS0611 (28)
             Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi, Shimla, Agra

Album 23 February 2007     Part 23A  Part 23B                           IS0702 (29)
              Calcutta, Darjeeling, Calcutta

Album 24 February 2008     Part 24A                                         IS0802 (30)
              Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi, Shimla, Agra

Album 25 March 2008         Part 25A  Part 25B                           IS0803 (31)
              Calcutta, Tipong, Darjeeling, Nepal, Delhi

Album 26 January 2009       Part 26A  Part 26B                           IS0901 (32)
              Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Darjeeling, Calcutta

Album 27 March 2009         Part 27A                                         IS0903 (33)
              Baroda, Calcutta, Burdwan, Darjeeling

Album 28 January 2010       Part 28A  Part 28B                           IS1001 (34)
              Calcutta, Shantipur, Tipong, Darjeeling, Burdwan, Baroda, Matheran

Album 29 February 2010      Part 29A  Part 29B  Part 29C             IS1002 (35)
              Siliguri, Calcutta, Jaipur, Kangra Valley, Jabalpur, Nagpur

Album 30 January 2012       Part 30A                                         IS1201 (36)
              Siliguri, Darjeeling, Rewari, Shimla, Kangra Valley, Nagpur, Jabalpur

Album 31 March 2013          Part 31A  Part 31B  Part 31C             IS1303 (37,38)
              Calcutta, Tipong, Darjeeling, Delhi, Rewari, Shimla, Kangra Valley, Amritsar

Album 32 January 2014        Part 32A                                        IS1401 (39)
              Dhaulpur, Gwalior, Sri Lanka, Madurai, Trichy, Ooty, Matheran

Album 33 January 2015        Part 33A                                          IS1501 (40)
              Delhi, Siliguri, Kerseong

Album 34 December 2015     Part 34A                                         IS1512 (41)
              Dhaka, Chittagong, Siliguri

Album 35 February 2016       Part 35A                                         IS1602 (42)
              Sri Lanka, Trichy, Ooty, Mangalore, Konkan, Matheran

Album 36 March 2016           Part 36A                                         IS1603 (43)
              Kolkata, Darjeeling, Shimla, KVR (Dhaulpur, Gwalior, Ooty, Matheran)

Album 37 January 2018         Part 37A                                        IS1801 (44)
              Shimla, Kangra Valley, Delhi, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Agra

Album 38 March 2018           Part 38A                                         IS1803 (45)
              Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Raipur, Nagpur, Murtajapur

Album 39 March 2020           Part 39A                                         IS2003 (46)
              Siliguri, Darjeeling