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We have many thousands of pictures, both colour slides
and B/W images from Laurie Marshall

These have been split into different sub-directories as listed below,
many more albums to follow

Album 1 - Colour slides numbers 70037 to 74315

Album 2 - images 1

Album India 1A - B&W images LM09136 to LM09417

Album India 1B - B&W images LM09418 to LM10266

Album India 1C - B&W images LM10267 to LM10513

Download and save the Index to India B&W album 1

Album India 2A - B&W images LM10627 to LM10885

Album India 2B - B&W images LM10886 to LM11223

Album India 2C - B&W images LM11224 to LM11497a

Album India 2D - B&W images LM11497b to LM11751

Album India 2E - B&W images LM11752 to LM11998

Download and save the Index to India B&W album 2

Download and save the full slide index in Excel format

Laurie Marshall