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Welcome to the DHRS

To promote awareness of, interest in and support  for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Mr. A.K.Mishra,
is the new Director DHR
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Pictures from 2019 Schools Awareness Program

Photos from 2019 AGM
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Travel information

New book  The Incredible ‘B’ Class

New book - BACK ON TRACK – Restoring Darjeeling's Railway

New book about DHR 19B

A Driver’s eye view from Tindharia to Darjeeling!

At last. A DVD offering extensive coverage of the DHR, mainly taken from the front of the locomotive. For the first time ever, video production company Video 125, in association with the DHRS, has produced a Driver’s eye view of the Railway. This will be published in two parts: part 1 - New Jalpaiguri to Tindharia, and part 2 - Tindharia to Darjeeling.

Part 2 is available now, and was filmed on board ‘B’ class locos hauling the steam charter train on its second day, starting at Tindharia and continuing to Darjeeling.

The sunny weather, coupled with stabilised state of the art cameras, provide a spectacular smooth view of the line as never seen before. Our iconic ‘B’ class steam engine climbs relentlessly through the magnificent scenery over gradients as steep as 1 in 18! Following the Hill Cart Road most of the way, we cross it dozens of times to ease the gradient or lessen a curve. We run on the very edge of the mountains, squeeze through the narrowest of ledges and pass through towns and villages to the summit of the line at 7,407 feet above sea level at Ghum.

Much of the fascinating history of the line is in Jonathan Kydd’s narration. Written and produced by Peter Middleton, edited running time 2 hours 24 minutes.

For those with a strong interest in the DHR, this DVD is essential viewing. We expect Part 1 to be available later this year.

The full retail price is £25 for a DVD or £30 for Blu-Ray but a special offer is available for DHRS members only, see our sales website :-!.html

Having ridden / chased the DHR over about 40 years, it is great to see the track from the front of a loco, rather than looking sideways from the carriage or chase vehicle. This video is very well presented showing most of this part of the line with a few clips from the chase vehicle and drone shots. The commentary is informative about items to be seen along the line, without being intrusive to the viewing. I found this railway video one of the best I have viewed and can recommend it to people who have visited the line or the ‘armchair’ tourist who would like to dream of Darjeeling, its mountain views, people of the area and The Railway. Mick Melbourne Webmaster

Trailer for the video -

New Google Arts & Culture page with stories about DHRS

The DHR and COVID-19

Please note that due to COVID 19, a lot of overseas orders via our shopping web site are taking a very long time to pass through the postal services, particularly USA / North America and Indian subcontinent.

As at September all DHR services remained suspended, with no indication as to when they would resume.
In addition, severe subsidence after heavy rains at Pagla Jhora has severed the NH55 route and damaged the DHR formation at that point.