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Issue 89,  published February 2020

  1 From the Editor

  2 Urgent – A Sales Officer is needed

  3 From the Chairman

  5 News from the line

  11 UNESCO Update

  11 Education Group Joy Train ride – Sardashwari Girls School

  12 News Extra – A report by John Clemmens

  12 Public Relations Notes

  13 Indian Steam Railway Society conference

  14 Keeping in Touch. The MoU

  15 Building the Society archive

  15 Copyright and rights to publish

  20 Indian narrow-gauge news

  21 A World Cruise in 1934

  25 DHR train modelled in 7mm: 1 foot scale

  27 Society Events

  28 Darjeeling Children’s Trust

  30 DHR locomotive check list

  31 Letters

  32 Books

Issue 90, published May 2020

Issue 91, published August 2020

Issue 92, published November 2020


  1 From the Editor

  2 From the Chairman

  2 Annual General Meeting 2020

  2 Aid to Darjeeling

  3 News from the line

  3 COVID-19 Overview

  4 MP Demands Separate Division for DHR

  5 Charter Train News

  5 UNESCO CCMP Update

  6 Rolling Stock At Risk

  7 Third Time Lucky!

  13 The big slip at Tindharia

  18 Batasia 100 years ago

  19 I remember in 1962....

  20 The14th Mile slip - update

  22 The next generation! An update

  23 The Ugly, the Bad & the Good

  27 Indian narrow-gauge news

  27 Nilgiri Mountain Railway

  27 Kalka Shimla Railway

  28 DHR Motor Rail railcar

  31 Model update by Roger Hill

  32 Still open for business

1   From the Editor; Statfold Barn

 2    From the Chairman;

          Covid-19: Help for Darjeeling

          Annual General Meeting

 3    News from the line 1;


         Charters from NJP;


         Gayabari station;

         Sonada station;

         Margaret’s Deck;  

         Locomotive watering facilities;

         Batasia Loop;

         Joy trains

 7   News from the line 2

10  Up the Line to Darjeeling

11  Why they matter! (Coach Nos.147 and 152)

15  A DHR Driver’s Eye view

20  Darjeeling’s lost siding

23  Matheran, January 2020

25  DRCS report

27  The new Haldibari station

28  To Darjeeling in 1905

29  Some points among the notes:-

30  Letters

30  The Bracing Hill stations (1936 adverts)

32  Society Sales (full list)

 1   From the Editor

 2    From the Chairman;

          Amidst the Pandemic, Cause for Optimism on the DHR

          Our latest Publication ‘Up the Line’

 3    News from the line

 5    Public Relations Notes

          Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection

            (FOSEP), Indian Steam Railway Society,

          The Fight For Freight, More Trains to Bagdogra,

          Sikkim Rail Link, Privatisation of Indian Hill Railways

 8    The Sukna Bell and Lamp

 9    Tung - An Awareness Programme

11   Building the Society Archive

12   DRCS report

13   A major new book on the DHR!

14   The Haldibari Link

16   Ghumjeeling - a film in the making

19   Faces behind the DHR

          Arvind Kumar Mishra - Director DHR

          Chandan Kumar - Traffic Inspector DHR

20   Kurseong Station in 4mm

21   Il n y a rien a Darjeeling

23   The Railway Magazine 1897

31   Letters

31   Books

32   Society Sales