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Issue 93,  published February 2021

 1 From the Editor

       John Clemmens

 2 From the Chairman

        2021 Annual General Meeting

        Zoom Meeting for Members in the Summer

 3 News from the line

 7 Public Relations Notes

        Indian Railway Board News

        General Manager – Northeast Frontier Railway

 8 Education Group

 9 Kavita and Teresa!

 11 Intitiative and opportunity

 12 Indian narrow-gauge news

         Matheran Hill Railway

         Kalka Shimla Railway

         Nilgiri Mountain Railway

 13 Three Western Railway narrow gauge lines reprieved

 14 Darjeeling – Cleaning Drive

 15 Ffestiniog links to the DHR

        The Spooners

        Spooner & Co

        The Prestages

        The Barnards

 20 Inspection Car of 1907

 22 Daily life around the DHR

 25 Building the Society archive

 29 The Education Group at work

 30 Letters

 31 Books

 32 DHRS Sales  

Issue 94,  published May 2021

Issue 95, published August 2021

Issue 96, published November 2021


  1 From the Editor

 2 Darjeeling Mail back numbers – last chance!

 3 News from the line

 8 DHR Director’s Update

 8 Heritage Advice

 9 Visits and Inspections

 10 Ghum Museum

 11 Ffestiniog links to the DHR

 12 Statfold Barn Display

 15 Building the Society archive

 28 1883 - Inspecting the new bridge at Loop No 2

 30 Letters

 30 Books

 31 Books

 32 DHRS Sales

  From the Editor

1 Statfold Narrow Gauge Museum Trust and the DHRS panels

2 From the Chairman

2 News from the line

8 Public Relations Notes

8 Private Operations Plans

8 A New World Heritage Railway

9 Reconsidering Darjeeling (Covid and the people)

11 DHR Lineside Signs

15 The Indian Photo Archive

21 DHR in The Gympie Times.

           An Australian digitised newspaper project.

31 Letters

32 Society Sales on pages 31, 32 and inside cover.

1 From the Editor

2 The current DHR Timetable

3 From the Chairman

4 News from the line

7 Public Relations Notes

7 Ghum Festival

8 Privatisation

10 What to do with Siliguri Town Station!

            Preserve the station as an ancient monument

18 Dilip Kumar and Tindharia

19 Statfold Barn Narrow Gauge Museum

19 John Clemmens’ bequest

20 My 16 mm modelling

            Welcome to Timeless Models

22 DRCS report

23 Rohini landslip!

24 Iron Sherpa needed for Darjeeling Library

24 Tibet Le choc des continents

25 Loops and Lubricators

27 The DHR makes it to the Royal Academy!

28 Indian narrow-gauge news

31 Letters

31 Society Sales